Visit this page on September 29th 2021 to access the webinar on Global Value Chains.

Date September 29 2021

Time 11:00am (UTC+3, Athens)

Engagement Slido will be available for engaging with instructor

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION / What is it about

Short introduction / What is it about

Globalization offered to companies new opportunities as well challenges. International production, trade and investments are increasingly organized within so-called global value chains (GVCs ΟΕCD), where the different stages of the production process are located across different countries.

In this webinar attendees will be able to understand global value chains and be equiped with a broad understanding of global issues of value chains including current challenges forced by pandemic of COVID-19.
The webinar contains both basic theory and real word case studies from global market to showcase challenges and best practices.

Key topics covered /

Key topics covered:
• Globalization and value chains
• Global production and services / offshoring
• Global sourcing
• International purchasing
• Offshoring / Reshoring
• International trade and value chains
• Digital Technologies in Global Value Chains
• Sustainability in Global Value Chain
• Current Challenges in Global value chains (uncertainty, lean)
• How COVID-19 outbreak have highlighted the interconnectedness between countries through global value chains (GVCs)

Meet the Instructor /

Dimitris Karakoulas / Leadership Expert

More about Dimitris

Dimitris Karakoulas is an executive in Automotive industry with experience currently working in education sector.

His previously held position was leading  Bentley motors, a high end luxury car manufacturer in Nairobi, Kenya and Qatar.

Dimitris is a Top Achiever with several years of experience in the automotive industry and having held senior executive and management positions in some of the worlds most popular car brands (Porsche, Rolls Royce, GM, BMW, Audi, WV, Fiat, Renault and Ford).

Additionally Dimitris was for 11 years senior lecturer in MBA for Kingston University of London in Greece and for Hellenic Management Association. Dimitris is a certified PMP and holds an Msc in Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki an MBA from Kingston University of London.

Guest Experts / Participating in the discussion panel

Grigoris Grigoriadis CEO ITALY LINES

More about Grigoris

Theodore Spiliotis Founder Athonian Management

More about Theodore